Yes frens. Looks rare. You probably dont know what a fren is bc you dont have any. But deep down you know you need one innit. So to cure your depression and lead happy lief you should buy a fren imo. But even if you already have frens you probably dont have as funy frens as we have for sale tbh.

Is my fren gud fren?

Probably not bc what kinda fren would just take your monies liek that innit. But among the 1001 frens there is a strict ranking which determines top frenliness:

trash (yellow background color)
oke (orange background color)
gud (red background color)
based (green background color)
chad (blue background color)

The frens come in 5 different emotions (angery, sad, uncomfy, comfy and straight vibin). They also have a lot of different hats, glasses, are holding various tings and also smoke some stuff sometiems.

The rarity of each attribute and the overall rarity of your fren will be displayed once minted.

BUTT BEWARE: there are 7 naughty frens who thought it was very funy (rightfully so imo) to just photograph their dicc instead of the normal fren photo.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my NFT go after i buy a fren?

Your fren will appear in whatever address, or connected wallet you used to purchase the fren NFT. You can view them on Opensea.

What does the distibution look liek?

There is no preminted or honorary frens, it is first come first serve. Is the same for everyone including pepecasso and his team.

Is a fren rly a fren if i pay for owning them or is just liek hooker?


What comes next, is there a roadmap?

no it wont get any better than this imo

Is a dicc pic worth anything, is it rare?

depends fren, is ur name hardwood?

If my transaction failed, is there a way to get my gas monies back?

of course fren jus contact loomdart on twitter for refund

Pepecasso, was it fun to draw the dicc pics?

shut up